In the Rapidian!

Great job Bridget! [Read Bridget's article]

Week Eight Outline

Tonight we'll work on our project proposal in class to get us started on the web analysis project. I can't recall where I left this--I guess I need to start writing this stuff down at my age--but I believe that last week you only vaguely looked at websites you might focus on. Now is the time to decide on something and build your proposal.

So we'll begin by letting you meet in your group to write up the project proposal.

Week Seven Class Outline

Tonight we'll take a what I hope is a low-stakes midterm exam. That should fun--or at least interesting. :)

We have these other tasks before us tonight:

  • need to get oriented toward our final website analysis project,
  • make some more headway on our Rapidian articles,
  • discuss usability testing and content analysis--I'll provide an outline
  • write front page copy for our course websites, making use of the blank front page module.

Some videos on usability that I want to watch:

Weekly Schedule

Class 6:00 pm - 8:50 p.m. Thursday

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Our semester will follow the reading of these chapters in this order unless announced. This list indicates what will be our general topics for the week and is not to be used to determine what is due this week. For guidance on what is due each week, see the Class Outline and review the emailed Announcements section of the site.


6:00 pm - 8:50 pm Thursday
The Connection 210

Students entering the workplace of the twenty-first century face the challenge of communicating through electronic media. Electronic media is a new rhetorical environment, similar in some ways, but significantly different from print media in other ways.